How PlayStation and Xbox Name Their Consoles

20. nov.. 2020
1 032 099 Ganger

A lot of science, expertise, and genius go into every single console name.
Well... okay maybe not into every one.
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  • Honestly, I had so much fun making this stupid cartoon and was chuckling the whole time while editing it, so I hope you enjoyed it as well!

    CircleToonsHDCircleToonsHD3 dager siden
    • This is art

      pEEb __pEEb __4 timer siden
    • Me Too

      Avatar AangAvatar Aang9 timer siden
    • hi

      TRAP GODTRAP GOD11 timer siden
    • The OG Xbox was named so because of Direct X. It originally was going to be called the DirectXbox but that sounded stupid. XBox made sense because it was supposed to be a "360 multimedia package." The Xbox 360 S was S for Slim. After that... Well they went insane. With Playstation it was kind of funny. Technically the Playstation 1 is a rerelease of the original Playstation, but with about half the size. i think it came out after the PS2.

      Stormcrow LegendaryStormcrow Legendary14 timer siden
    • BRUH

      hexor150hexor15017 timer siden
  • Would've been funnier if you had included PSP, PSVita, PS4 Slim, PS4 Pro and all that junk

    TaranTaran2 minutter siden
  • now that you mention it why does microsoft do these weird naming schemes

    NeedyBoBeedyNeedyBoBeedy13 minutter siden
  • its hilarious XD

    Ber fictBer fict19 minutter siden
  • you forgot the ps4 pro i gess its ome more for the books

    רון אלפסירון אלפסי20 minutter siden
  • How you will name the next X Box?

    Nihat MursalliNihat Mursalli25 minutter siden
  • This is why xbox is better than lay station

    SB43SB4326 minutter siden
  • I actually had a 360 E

    FrankamationFrankamation35 minutter siden
  • Xbox 360 One S series X E

    Jacaré de LacosteJacaré de Lacoste39 minutter siden
  • As much as we all laugh at Nintendo, we have to admit that the names they give to their consoles are more representative and iconic in comparison to the names that Microsoft and Sony are giving to theirs.

    KamereonKamereon40 minutter siden
  • PSP PSP Go PSP Street PS Vita PS Vita TV Yea that makes sense

    Joseph GarfieldJoseph Garfield43 minutter siden
  • Yo they got Mark Sony for this video?

    Foxton513Foxton51345 minutter siden
  • After the Playstation 6 ill name it the Playstation 6ex.

    You were expecting dio but no it was I ChazzYou were expecting dio but no it was I Chazz53 minutter siden
  • Absolute genius

    Block Head ツBlock Head ツ57 minutter siden
  • PlayStation uses the K.I.S.S method. Keep it simple stupid.

    Tman1030Tman103057 minutter siden
  • Well actually playstation 5 slim would prob be nxt

    Daniel BinnsDaniel Binns58 minutter siden
  • The xbox guy's voice kinda sounds like Teddy from bob's burgers

    Liminal BridgesLiminal BridgesTime siden
  • I actually have a 360 E...

    UnnamedRacerUnnamedRacerTime siden
  • Hey, i had a 360 E

    Daniel Andrés Palencia TorresDaniel Andrés Palencia TorresTime siden
  • The Xbox naming system is actually kinda interesting.

    Wiwb SsjhWiwb SsjhTime siden
  • 🤣🤣💀 I love it

    La DaLegendLa DaLegendTime siden
  • Funny thing is that 5 in Japanese is “go” so you could call it the PlayStation GO

    gavin Dgavin DTime siden
  • Now we have the Xbox one! Our fifth console!

    adam strongadam strongTime siden
  • Yeah bois

    ForeseerForeseerTime siden
  • Dude just saying numbering your console correctly is a way better way of doing it and it stops your customers from buying the wrong console because the confused Xbox s with Xbox series s...............just imagine the poor soul😂😂

    Blue MonsterBlue MonsterTime siden
  • Wouldn’t the next PlayStation is the PlayStation 5 Pro if the One S and the One X are considered their own console?

    J.D. HaysJ.D. HaysTime siden
  • "If we were to make another console, what should we name it?" "Oh let me think, I don't know how about the P l a y s t a t I o n 720 X siries vista Xbox employ: oh 'ell yeah!

    SlateFeatherSlateFeatherTime siden
  • And then this one was the playstation, but portable.

    Something also not importantSomething also not importantTime siden
  • PlayStation’s naming is perfectly accurate

    Mr_Bear The2ndMr_Bear The2ndTime siden
  • My Xbox series s looks like a DJ turn table, I mean I gonna get the x... s.. Series s... ummm x... geez geese’s I don’t know what to get. But I know it’s gonna dig In my bank account real good. Good thing I’m getting one of them later probably in December, Hagd

    Scott Fades.Scott Fades.Time siden
  • Xbox: wierd names, simple design Playstation: simple names, weird designs

    Jake WestJake WestTime siden
  • I dont know what is weirder, xbox with the xbox 100 t or the people that work at playstation.

    Matt HumphreyMatt HumphreyTime siden
  • Remember: it's against E-Bay's TOS to sell preorders since it's not a tangible object, so any scalpers that where selling their pre-orders should be reported

    Cyber SilverCyber SilverTime siden
  • This scamdemic is killing me!! I want my ps5 this year:(( I'm bored:((

    darkuniversedarkuniverseTime siden
    • @heynic37 and expensive

      Bobby ToddyBobby ToddyTime siden
    • Everytime you're bored, remember that there are lots of graphics cards, Processors and RAM sticks and Computers waiting to be bought (and built)

      heynic37heynic37Time siden
  • I mean I want the Xbox serious but at the same time I don't because all my stuff is on my Xbox One S

    obi-wan Kenobiobi-wan Kenobi2 timer siden
  • chuckling... hmmm... does chuckling make u a chuckler ? chucku chucku chucku... (dont mind me)

    Palamontus 10Palamontus 102 timer siden
  • 360 degrees is one revolution. S=slim X=eXtreme.

    Paul FallonPaul Fallon2 timer siden
  • Xbox: *makes a complicated naming scheme Kingdom Hearts: Finally, a worthy opponent...

    Joey FosterJoey Foster2 timer siden
  • I really wanted him to put him writing PS4, scribbling it out, and writing PS5 on his clipboard. I forgot the name of the videos but a guy literally typed ps4, pressed backspace, and pressed 5, and put dora the explorer music "we did it"

    yo yoyo yo2 timer siden
  • The next Xbox is gonna have box in the name twice

    Darpro045Darpro0452 timer siden
  • I've saw the xbox series S

    that one weirdothat one weirdo2 timer siden
  • But wait, where is the... *Playstation 0? Or perhaps, Xbox 0...*

    UnfunnyUnfunny2 timer siden
  • Sony: simple math Microsoft: Algebra Nintendo: Here's a random word that we're going to use to name our newest console

    Angel CarballoAngel Carballo2 timer siden
  • Nintendo is just a drunk dude

    postian449postian4492 timer siden
  • Then nintendo is just on drugs

    postian449postian4492 timer siden
  • What's xbox's deal with the letters S, E, and X? - ParashockX 2020

    Pineapple KingPineapple King2 timer siden
  • Xbox: Starts counting at 360, suddenly remembers One is the first number, then starts reciting the alphabet, starting at X and jumping to S. PlayStation: Just. Counts. Very. Slowly. Nintendo: Attaches "Super" to its first successor system, then tries to count by starting at 64, then suffers a stroke and starts to shout words like "Gamecube, Wii, Wii U, Switch!"

    YoxivYoxiv2 timer siden
  • Xbox is obbsesed with “S,E,X” ;)

    Yousif KahtanYousif Kahtan2 timer siden
  • wow at least playstations names make sense XD

    Kitten's RoarKitten's Roar2 timer siden
  • sales for the Xbox one x went up by like 3005 or something fuckin crazy so that means all the scalpers bought the wrong fucking thing XD

    v av a2 timer siden
  • Skyrim and fallout are my favorite games so i dont know wich system to get to play the new ones that are coming

    Adrian surilloAdrian surillo2 timer siden
  • XD

    יואב רזיואב רז2 timer siden
  • you know what will be funny . if the next xbox got named "xb0x" . then they can use "series" with the old names . no one will get confused ever again ;3

    Cool SsCool Ss2 timer siden
  • How these companies name their consoles. Xbox: tries to be original but ends up confusing everyone Playstation: just put a bigger number at the end of it. Nintendo: actually think of a good name for it.

    LightLockLightLock2 timer siden
  • Agreed

    ProKatanaNinjaGuyProKatanaNinjaGuy2 timer siden
  • 0:53 I have one

    SharoDaGamer YTSharoDaGamer YT2 timer siden
  • I think it woulda been funny if at the end it cuts to Nintendo with their normal console names.

    LightLockLightLock2 timer siden
  • Testing my new acc

    RadiO active Fire_YT_RadiO active Fire_YT_2 timer siden
  • I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who is confused by the Xbox Series X

    Danger Dave Destroyer of DomainsDanger Dave Destroyer of Domains3 timer siden
  • Because it is a PlayStation 6

    The toxicguyThe toxicguy3 timer siden
  • The end tho 😂

    iamThirsty 247iamThirsty 2473 timer siden
  • YEEEE what about Nintendo, yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Gina RicoGina Rico3 timer siden
  • Sony learned from there phone company to make simple same instead of the new sonyNW5208

    BigGuyManBigGuyMan3 timer siden
  • X B ox O ne X

    The New GuyThe New Guy3 timer siden
  • Dragging the face around for emotion is genius

    UcantHide4eveR's Gaming ChannelUcantHide4eveR's Gaming Channel3 timer siden
  • Microsoft should pull the ultimate bamboozle next time and just straight up name it the Xbox 7

    ThatRipOffThatRipOff3 timer siden
  • Wait... You're not Oney or Stamper...

    Randi RabbitRandi Rabbit3 timer siden
  • What the fuck was an xbox 360 E

    Camron KingCamron King3 timer siden
  • U forgot ps4 pro

  • play station 10 I AM A GOD

    Ervins BubierErvins Bubier3 timer siden
  • Only 1 word.... *true*

    Jakub NahalkaJakub Nahalka3 timer siden
  • wait till you find out about the Intel CPU naming scheme...

    Jacob RJacob R3 timer siden
    • Hmm, what is stronger? Intel i5 5th generation or intel i7 8th generation? well yes the other numbers (ex: intel i3 3220) are a bit harder

      heynic37heynic37Time siden
  • I thought that the next console was going to be called ps 69

    Enderbragen1Enderbragen14 timer siden
  • Our 16th console, the xbox 17

    juggernaut 0juggernaut 04 timer siden
  • Xbox one But its the 5th Me:Im going to Cuba

    Big SBig S4 timer siden
  • What do you use to animate your videos

    IncogNEATOIncogNEATO4 timer siden
  • Then who named the Vita?

    Cappugino'sCappugino's4 timer siden
  • Xbox x Xbox b Xbox o Xbox x thin Xbox x s x thin

    It’s a ManturtleIt’s a Manturtle4 timer siden
  • This is art

    pEEb __pEEb __4 timer siden
  • personally I prefer Microsoft’s naming sense. It at least has some originality and is fairly interesting. Plus the names are fun to say. Going in numerical order is pretty boring. Regardless of personal feelings if we’re saying that The Series X and One X are too similar in name because of the one letter then we’re essentially saying people are too dumb to read the word in the middle... or look at the release date... or see discontinued... or look at the difference in size. Really if you get confused between the two that’s proof there’s an entirely different issue we need to address.

    VulLord666VulLord6664 timer siden
  • *laughs in PC*

    aRG06aRG064 timer siden
  • i have the xbox 360 e

    notbryan255notbryan2555 timer siden
  • I have a better name for a new PS console:PlayStation 5 PRO

    MarcellofpMarcellofp5 timer siden
  • I want to see this as a real thing

    Yol BloxYol Blox5 timer siden
  • Wait i thought 360 was one console

    Syed Hossen 2 /Syed Hossen AnimatesSyed Hossen 2 /Syed Hossen Animates5 timer siden
  • I love how the actual marketing for the Xbox One said that it was named that cause it was the one console you would ever need... then they realized they forgot to actually make it good and released the One S so it could actually run all the new games... then it ran out of power so they made the One X in the vain hope that maybe this one would last... then they tried to make you forget with the Series series... I'll never forget Xbox, you f'd up

    Jake JakubicJake Jakubic5 timer siden
  • I want to see with Nintendo

    ARH RARH R5 timer siden
  • Sony ... PS 1 then PS1 Slim PS2 then PS2Slim PS3 then PS3 Slim PS4 then PS4Slim-PS4Pro Now PS5 ....🤔🤫 PS5Slim and Pro will surely come Meanwhile Microsoft on his Name Twister. 🎉🕺🎉 let’s spin it and see what we get this Generation 🎊❌📦⭕️

    TT5 timer siden
  • 0:28 i had that one

    GisperGisper5 timer siden
  • Where xbox one x project scorpio

    Drunk BritDrunk Brit5 timer siden
  • Xbox Scorpio and Scarlet wouldve been better names.

    Vinicius de la PlataVinicius de la Plata5 timer siden
  • CircleToonsHD but now dark mode

    Arch TrenchArch Trench5 timer siden
  • Im still waiting for the Xbox 720

    Vinicius de la PlataVinicius de la Plata5 timer siden
  • PS6 cool name

    Oliwier SowaOliwier Sowa5 timer siden
  • I wonder if Microsoft and Sony deliberately give their products confusing names to make them more talkable therefore focusing on trending their work with existing costumers rather than putting that common sense effort to attract new ones as they think their reputation is enough to attract users.

    KinGQIIKinGQII5 timer siden
  • Xbox

    Gunnlaugur BriemGunnlaugur Briem5 timer siden
  • xbox: yeah we got the series edition gaming x deluxe buy now playstation: one.. two.. three.. four... five..

    mr omegamr omega6 timer siden

    TheChickenGamerzTheChickenGamerz6 timer siden
  • People really are confused about how they name the Xbox it’s simple they are just adding another thing to a math problem they are making It goes like this 360° x 360°=S S x 1= 1S 1S x X = Xbox series X

    All I feel is painAll I feel is pain6 timer siden
  • Simple difference while naming their consoles PlayStation: *doesn't even try* Xbox: *tries too hard*

    Squidward with a gunSquidward with a gun6 timer siden